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Before You Go: Questions Every Church Staff Member Must Answer Before Moving to a New Church (by Wade Hodges)

Who Should Read This Book…

1. All Minister/Pastor types who are thinking about changing churches.
While written from the perspective a Lead Pastor, it will also be a helpful read for ministers filling other staff roles.

2. Members of search teams looking to improve their search process.
It will give search teams insights into what candidates may be thinking throughout the process, as well as some deeper questions to explore during the interview.

3. Ministers who have recently moved to a new church.
Much of what is in the book applies to the first year of ministry at a new church too.

4. Church leaders: Elders, Deacons, Staff, Ministry Leaders, and Volunteers.
Staff transitions are a critical aspect of church life. Every church leader needs to be aware of the behind-the-scenes complexities described in Before You Go.

5. Anyone making a career transition.
Many of the principles in this book apply to other professions and organizations.

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How to leave your church well without burning bridges.