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You are Special.

You are special to God. Therefore you are special to us. Our goal is to make this time of transition as easy as possible for you. We work with churches all over the country, helping them find great candidates for their current ministry openings. Your resume submission will help us find a possible fit for you. No strings. No promises. No charge. Add your resume now.


You are Unique.

God has gifted you in very unique ways. We ask the right questions to find your unique giftings, talents, and abilities. When your DNA matches the church’s DNA, you both win! That’s where healthy ministry begins. We help match you up with a church that’s as unique as you are, where God can use your talents, skills, and abilities to further His kingdom. Add your resume now.


You are Valuable.

The church job search process can be difficult and discouraging. You have a valuable role to play in the Kingdom. A wonderful thing happens when you find a church that shares your personal mission, vision and values: lives are changed, and your family will flourish. We want to help you find a church that fits you theologically, culturally, socially, and spiritually. Add your resume now.

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